9-Year-Old Girl, 71-Year-Old Woman Shot And Killed In Rock Hill


by Audrina Bigos

ROCK HILL, SC - On Friday morning, things took a tragic turn at a home off Idlewild Drive in Rock Hill.

"There was no hint that there was anything wrong, not to that degree,” said  Deborah Hovis. 

York County Sheriff's Deputies headed to the home after receiving a 911 hang-up call. When they arrived around 10:20am, deputies found two people dead and a third with injuries.
Deputies say Ronald Gregory shot and killed 71-year-old Barbara Gregory and 9-year-old Mia Rodgers. Neighbor Deborah Hovis say the woman was Gregory's wife and grandaughter. Hovis says Ronald Gregory appeared to be loving grandfather and a family man. 
"He seemed very protective of her and very loving. If it was nice on a Sunday afternoon, he'd have her and his other grandchildren in his golf cart riding down the street,” said Hovis.
"Anytime I seen them out playing and stuff, they seemed normal, nothing out of the ordinary," said  Jason Reddick, a Rock Hill resident.
Neighbors say Ronald was the caregiver of his disabled wife and seemed to take care of her well and build things to make the house more accessible.
"A ramp so she can go into the sunroom and into the yard, so outward appearances were that he was coping with being a full-time caregiver pretty well," said Hovis. 
Pictures on Facebook show Rodney with several of his grandchildren. Neighbors say they can't understand why he would take the life of an innocent little girl.
"You just imagine what they're going through. The grief, the shock; it's devastating," said Reddick.
That person, also believed to the be the suspect, is 67-year-old Ronald Gregory.  He was transported to Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill.  There is no further information about his condition or motive for the shooting at this time.  
Autopsies for Mia Rodgers and Barbara Gregory are scheduled for Saturday.
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