A New Explanation For The Extra Time You're Spending On The Road


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--When Tia Blazek isn't enjoying funnel cake at the South Carolina Strawberry Festival in Fort Mill, this Fort Mill resident spends her weekdays in her car on her way to work in Charlotte. A drive that takes about 30 minutes each way. "Oh you know, it's Charlotte traffic. Especially rush hour time. It's not fun, it's what it is," Blazek said.

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce says the average driver in Mecklenburg County spends
24 minutes in the car on the way to and from work. "I think it's a bit optimistic," said W-C-C-B's Traffic Reporter, Trip Harder. Harder says traffic is getting worse during morning and evening rush hours on Interstates 77 and 85, Independence Boulevard, and Randolph, Providence, Sharon and
Fairview Roads. "We just have too many people for the amount of lanes we have on the major roads," said Harder.

Chamber of Commerce officials also say 181 thousand people work in Mecklenburg county and live outside the border like Alioune Sow. "A lot of people who started their lives in Charlotte had their jobs there and realized they could move ten minutes away and have cheaper taxes, cheaper gas,"
said the Fort Mill resident.

Since it doesn't look like traffic will improve anytime soon, Tia has a secret to staying relaxed, on her way to work as a chef at a private school in South Park. "I play classical music in the car, it kinda keeps me calm so that's what I usually do," said Blazek.

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