Abortions In North Carolina May No Longer Be Covered By Insurance


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Skinny ties, side parts and gimlets. The world of Mad Men reminds Marcie Shealey of a time when abortions were unsafe and illegal. "It was a back door procedure. People had to get psychological exams in order to have an exam," said the Development
Director for Planned Parenthood Health Systems.

Shealey's colleagues at Planned Parenthood donned their Don Draper-era wardrobe before a controversial bill was approved. It would exclude abortion from the state health insurance exchange. It allows private employers to refuse health insurance coverage for contraception.
Planned Parenthood says lawmakers are taking a step back in time. "It's your own body. Your own person. Your own circumstances.  We don't want anybody else deciding it but ourselves," Shealey said.

But, supporters of the bill say it's a step in the right direction. "We have seen what abortion does to young ladies and to men. It is nothing good," said Cities4Life Charlotte Director Mark Metzger.

While Mad Men Highlights the 1960's, opponents are more concerned with teachings that are thousands of years older. "A child is a person from the point of conception. A child is an image bearer of god because of that they deserve all the rights in our constitution," said Metzger.

Since the bill has cleared the house, it now heads to the state senate. It could take some time before it reaches a vote.

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