Apple Might Launch Larger, Cheaper iPhone


by Casie Kolbinsky

CUPERTINO, C.A.--Apple is considering launching a larger, cheaper iPhone, according to sources.

The company famous for its electronics is thinking about designing an iPhone that measures 4.7 by 5.7 inches and costs about $99. Sources say Apple might also offer five-to-six colors for the new phone.

Some experts say a larger, cheaper iPhone would suggest Apple had lost its status as a trend-setter in the smartphone market and had instead transformed into a mere trend-follower.

The company is known for offering a limited palette of products and for focusing on the premium segment of the market. While Samsung, for example, currently offers smartphones and phablets with more than 10 different screen sizes, Apple provides only two: the 3.5-inch iPhone 4S and the 4-inch iPhone 5. The company describes its devices' form factors and prices as"just right."

Authorities reportedly say the situation is "under discussion" and point out the changes may never occur.

A few experts predict Apple will introduce a new product around September of this year, which would be about the same time last year when it released the iPhone 5.

Sources say the company routinely changes specifications of its products up to the final moment of release and that therefore, they cannot determine whether a larger, cheaper iPhone will become available in September or not.

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