Birkdale Golf Club Shutdown Amid Allegations of Unpaid Taxes


by Kirk Hawkins

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C.--Jessie Benson is holding the invitation for his wedding to Jessica
Bodo that may not happen. "We've got all these people notified and  we don't know where to tell them to go," said Benson.

It was supposed to be at the Birkdale Golf Club in Huntersville this September. But today, the club house was surrounded by police and no trespassing signs as locksmiths changed the locks.
The N.C. Department of Revenue issued a warrant. The club has 64 thousand dollars in unpaid tax obligations. State officials say they can't turn over the keys until they get their money back.
"I'm freaked out a little bit. It's a little bit close to the date," said Bodo.

Jessica and Jessie paid up front for their wedding in order to get a discount. They had no nidea the golf course had financial problems. The course's wedding planner isn't returning their calls.
Meanwhile everything is ready to go. Vases for the tables, the dresses, even the box for their  wedding rings sits on the mantle. "We just don't know," said Benson. Now, the couple is scrambling for a backup venue as they remain optimistic. "It will work out! Either way," said Bodo.

WCCB News spoke with Jeff Silverstein. Silverstein is the managing member of Carolina Trail Partners, the parent company of Birkdale Golf Club and six other local courses. Silverstein says he missed a payment to the N.C. Department of Revenue. He hopes to deliver a cashier's check
tomorrow and re-open the Birkdale Golf Club by midday Wednesday. He says weddings in September should be "business as usual".

Last summer, employees of Carolina Trail Partners first complained to WCCB News about delayed pay days and bounced checks.

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