CMPD Undercover Drug Deal Turns Deadly


by Morgan Fogarty
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by Photographer Marvin Beach

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - An undercover drug deal, part of a much bigger gang investigation, took a nosedive Tuesday afternoon.  Chief Rodney Monroe says an undercover officer and a confidential informant agreed to meet 17-year-old Jaquaz Walker and an unidentified 15-year-old in the parking lot of Hidden Valley Elementary School.

After the deal, Monroe says his guys were walking back to their car when Walker and friend decided to rob them.  Monroe says Walker - the accused "main" drug seller - fired first and officers, some of which where hiding nearby, fired back.  Monroe says, "He received a bullet wound to his head."  Walker later died at the hospital.

The confidential informant also took a bullet to his shoulder but is expected to be OK.

Neighbors were shaken by the shooting and question the location of the operation.  North Charlotte resident Shirley Seckle says, "I don't know, that was real risky of them (the police)."  North Charlotte resident Karen Caldwell says, "I just taught my granddaughter in the parking lot last weekend how to ride a bike without training wheels and now I won't do that anymore 'cause I'm afraid."

While there were no students on campus, a Hidden Valley Elementary School cafeteria worker tells us staff was.  They were there for an after-school luncheon.  Their cars, still in the parking lot, were taped off with yellow crime scene tape.

Monroe says, "Officers, as part of the operation, scouted the location prior to the arrival to the location and deemed that the location was OK to complete the transaction."

Hidden Valley neighborhood president Gary Dawkins didn't get much info from the Chief during a brief conversation, but says the location of the deal troubled him, too.  Dawkins says, "We're asking the same question."   He says the incident will be discussed at next month's neighborhood meeting.  CMPD has been invited to attend.

The two officers who fired back at the suspects are being questioned, which is protocol.  As of Tuesday evening, the 15-year-old is still at large and police believe he still has a gun.

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