CMS Bus Drivers Say Their Routes Are Overcrowded And Unruly


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Two drivers shared their stories with us about how they believe CMS is putting your children's safety at risk. "I come from a family of bus drivers and when I started it was so fun and stressors." After more than a decade of driving kids to school, this veteran CMS bus driver says
her job isn't the same. Worried about losing her job, she asked us to conceal her identity. She says the buses are so crowded, students have to share seats. "Sometimes you have three to a seat, sometimes you have four. Sometimes you will see some standing in the aisle and the drivers say I'm gonna keep on driving anyway. To get them onto school," she said.

Crowded buses, she says, lead to unruly passengers.  Another veteran bus driver says she has tried to follow proper disciplinary procedures but CMS has refused to take action. "I'm upset now but what I do--I try to keep them safe and get 'em home. That's it. Because they are not gonna do anything," she said.

A CMS Spokeswoman says the buses are not overcrowded...that the district only allows 2-3 students per seat depending on the size of the bus. That spokeswoman also says 200 of their buses have cameras. Bus monitors are used for buses with pre-kindergarten students and what they call "exceptional" children. CMS says the drivers should report their concerns to their supervisors. Both of the women who reached out to us say they've done that and nothing has changed. "We need to feel like we have support from our supervisors and administrators.
We need to feel like we are appreciated," she said.

Without revealing the driver's identities and potentially jeopardizing their jobs, we can't get more specifics because CMS says it needs their names in order to get the status of the investigation.

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