Catawba County Teens, 1 Adult Arrested For Kidnapping


by John David

UPDATE: Three additional arrests have been made in the Lincolnton Kidnapping. Detectives arrested 18 year old Taryn Parrish, 20-year old Bradley Good, and 16-year old Darren Parrish. Dillon Uzzell, 17, was arrested prior to the three, as he was the only one the victim was able to identify.

Each suspect is charged with first degree kidnapping and assault inflicting serious injury. They are being held on $60,000 bond.

LINCOLNTON,NC--Lincoln County Sheriffs say they arrested a Catawba County teen that was accused of kidnapping.

Authorities say they arrested Dillon Shane Uzzell, 17, for reportedly kidnapping a 14-year-old teen after a drug deal went bad.

Uzzell and three others reportedly kidnapped the teen after trying to sell him and several others marijuana, deputies say during the transaction one of the buyers grabbed some of the marijuana and ran off without paying.

Reports say Uzzell and three others in a SUV forced the 14-year-old teen into their vehicle and drove several miles away were they dropped him off.

The teen contacted authorities and informed them of what happened, when police arrived they said the teen had several injuries including bumps on his head and a bloody nose.

Detectives say they are still looking for the three others in the SUV but say Uzzell was charged with first degree kidnapping and misdemeanor assault.





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