Charlotte City Council To Vote On New Deal To Fund Stadium Renovations


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Touchdown on a ten year deal to keep the Panthers in Charlotte for 147.5 million dollars. "I know that professional sports sends a signal to a lot of people  that you are an up and coming city. That you're serious about  being progressive and growing your community," said Charlotte City Councilman David Howard.

As part of the proposal the city would spend 87.5 million dollars. Or 59%. The team would spend 40 percent or 60 million dollars. The renovations include new escalators, video boards, an improved sound system and infrastructure that Chamber of Commerce officials say helps the city's offensive game. "They are critical to this community. They are part of our identity.  There's a good solid business case to be made that the public should invest in the renovation of the stadium," said Charlotte Chamber of Commerce President Bob Morgan.

But, critics say its irresponsible to fumble government money. "We would hope that government would get out of the business of picking and choosing winners and losers in the free market place.  We don't think that's a benefit to anyone in the community,"said Pundit House Managing Partner Christian Hine.

The Panthers commitment to Charlotte can be extended if the city secures an additional 50 million dollars by August, 2015.

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