Charlotte Ranks In The Top Three Emergency Hospitals


by WCCB Charlotte

CHARLOTTE,NC--Victims of the Boston bombings are receiving some of the top trauma care treatment in the country.

Charlotte is said to be equipped to provide the same care in the event of an emergency in the city.

The Director of Disaster Medicine at CMC says Charlotte ranks in the top three for hospitals emergency preparedness, alongside Boston and Washington.

Trauma Care centers and a program called Med One is said to be the reason of the high rankings.

CMC Director of Disaster, David Callaway, "Med One is a pretty unique capability that very few cities have that allow us to put advance surgical or emergency response stabilization capabilities near the scene of the event," says Callaway.

Nicole Gross from Charlotte suffered two broken legs and a severed Achilles tendon along with her husband suffering burns caused by Monday's explosions.

They were both treated at a Boston Hospital.



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