City Council Could Choose New Mayor Monday Night


by Marvin Beach
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CHARLOTTE, NC -- "It could be that we vote tomorrow night, it could be that we vote in a few nights, we're trying to figure out what sort of process to put in place," says Charlotte Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes. Barnes would like to see a new Mayor in office by the end of the week. "Have an opportunity for the public to become familiar with the candidates and make a decision fairly quickly," he says.

So far City Council members tell WCCB they're leaning toward several outside candidates. UNC Charlotte Political Analyst Eric Heberlig says that might be a smart move. "Whatever scandal is connected to the city, they wouldn't be seen as being part of that," Heberlig says.

Several potential front runners have emerged- including State Senator Dan Clodfelter. "Clodfelter's someone who's got a great reputation in the State Senate. He's someone who's very policy oriented. Very smart," Heberlig says.

Heberlig says former County Commission Chair Jennifer Roberts "brings that type of stature and support from the community from her multiple runs being elected county wide."

And on former City Councilman James Mitchell Helberlig says he "has direct involvement in city issues for the last decade, so he'd be able to jump right in."

Whoever the next Mayor is - Barnes says they'll likely be a placeholder - having to agree not to run in 2015. "We don't want to give and create an opportunity for an unfair advantage," he says.

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