The Skinny on Body Wraps


by Jacinda Garabito/ Photojournalist Darnell Hart

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- More people are looking for ways to tone up and lose weight.  One phenomenon picking up steam is body wraps.

"I went from a size 14 to a 9 and I am hooked."  April Rowlette says her body wrap gives her fast results and doesn't slow down her busy schedule, "I can actually wrap myself and I can take my child to Walmart and go grocery shopping."

There are many different types of body wraps.  Some take the toxins out of your skin, others get rid of excess water.  Nurse practitioner Alissa Carter says rapid dehydration is a health risk and doesn't last, "If you are trying to lose some inches you definitely can lose some inches, however the actual weight tends to be all water weight so it's only going to be a temporary fix."

Alicia Demeny is with It Works Body Wrap.  She says results can last two to six months, "What makes our wrap different is we are not dehydrating you and its all natural."  She says it works by targeting the fat cells inside your body but this doesn't mean you shouldn't hit the gym, "We're not saying that this is a replacement for good health or working out.  It's not a replacement for eating well.  We're saying this is something additional that you can do."

Nurse Carter agrees, "There's nothing that can replace diet and exercise as far as weight loss for keeping the weight off but also for having positive impact over the body over all."

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