Emotions High Following Zimmerman Verdict? Experts say 'Be Pro-active"

Emotions are high on both sides of the case following George Zimmerman's "Not Guilty" verdict.


by Christine Noel
by Chris Keimig, Photojournalist

CHARLOTTE, NC- Twenty-four hours after a jury found George Zimmerman  "Not Guilty" in the death of Trayvon Martin, emotions are still running high.

Legal experts say the trial is a textbook case of justice- an outcome that everyone processes differently.

"The jury did exactly what you'd want them to do. Which is- they were slow, they looked at all the facts, they made sure they understood the law well and they made a decision based on that- and that's what you want in the justice system," says former Union County Defensive Attorney, John Snyder.

Sunday, the reality of that verdict began to really sink in. Some feeling that justice has been served, while others battle hurt and outrage.

Snyder says in cases like the Zimmerman trial it's often difficult for the public to separate feelings from the law, which in the courtroom needs to happen. But he understands that for some people, the outcome of the law can be a tough pill to swallow. Snyder says, if you're upset by the verdict, get involved and that the yearn for change needs to go beyond social media.

"It's a chance for everybody to say 'Alright, why do I feel so passionately about this case? What are the bigger societal issues that have me feeling this way?' " says Snyder.

Snyder stresses community involvement. For example, if you're worried about troubled-teens, he says, invest time and money in them. If you're concerned about community watch groups, learn the rules. Snyder adds, if you want to see a change in Self-Defense laws, get involved in your local government.

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