Local Residents Are Victims of Racist Joke


by Audrina Bigos
by Photographer: Tim Mullican

CHARLOTTE, NC- Residents of an East Charlotte Apartment complex are furious after receiving letters saying undocumented immigrants have to move out.

It turns out the letters are a hoax.

 "It made me mad," said Julio Garcia, an East Charlotte resident.

The letter left Garcia and many others residents upset and complaining to management at the Advenir at Casa Bella Apartments off Farm Pond Lane near Albemarle Road.

"We don't know what's happening with the letter or who's making them," said Garcia.

Residents at the complex say they saw a tall, white, clean cut guy with a bald head and glasses posting letters on doors Sunday morning.

"We approached him and asked can we get one of those papers because we see that you're posting them on everyone's door. He said 'no, they're only for Mexicans, they're only for illegals'," said Gloria Garrison.

The community manager says the guy posed as an employee of the complex.

Now managment is reassuring residents that the letter is fake.

"We wrote a letter in Spanish to tell the residents that that letter was false and we don't want them to move. Everyone that lives here qualifies," said Verla Shafer, the community manager.

The fake letter, written in Spanish, said that a new North Carolina law requires the office to report residents if they doubted their legal status. The NC House Bill mentioned in the letter does not exist.

"Yeah, it's a scam, but I was just worried that we were going to lose a lot of really good people " They have just as much right to live here as anyone else," said Shafer.

Some residents are concerned about the strange guy going door-to-door in their complex.

"That makes me uneasy because as you can see we have a lot of little kids around here," said Garrison.

"We think he came back today and we got a plate number. We gave it to police and now they are investigating," said Shafer.

Posting the letters is not a crime, but Shafer hopes police can charge him with something like trespassing.

"He should get punished for it just like anybody else who does something they don't have no business doing," said Jerome Howard, an East Charlotte resident.

If you know anything about the fake letters, call crime stoppers at 704-334-1600.

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