Family Speaks Out About Unsolved Transgendered Woman's Murder


by Kirk Hawkins
by Tim Mullican

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Donielle Prophete has been searching for any sign of a development in her brother's murder. Prophete says her brother, Tony Alston, had dressed like a woman since high
school. She says CMPD was distracted because he was transgendered. "They were more concentrating on the fact that he was a man...dressing like a woman...than the whole murder itself," said Prophete.

Prophete last heard from CMPD in January after passing along a few tips. Investigators say the unsolved murder is still an open case. CMPD says its on  a list with six other unsolved murders added so far this year. Paige Dula is a local activist. "She's a human being that was murdered. The police should follow it up just like they would with any other case," said Dula.

The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition says only 46 percent of transgender murders are solved. CMPD says its solves 71-percent of the murders it investigates. "Their actions show me that it just doesn't matter," said Prophete.

As Donielle works to gather more tips, she hopes someone will provide the information she needs to move forward. "I hope to get closure one day. If not then it's just an open wound. It's gonna be around forever," said Prophete.

WCCB referred to Tony Alston as "he" at the request of his sister. CMPD told us no one was available to speak with us about the case. At the time of the murder, witnesses says a man wearing a gray shirt took off from the scene.

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