Family of Man on Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Turns to Prayer


by Andrew Spencer

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia - Without any answers the family of Phillip Wood has turned to prayer.  Wood is among three Americans, one of 239 people on board Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing early Saturday morning and disappeared somewhere over the Gulf of Thailand. 

This isn't the first time a modern jet has disappeared.  It took crews nearly two years to find the majority of Air France Flight 447, which crashed en route from Rio De Janero to Paris in 2009.  Adding to the mystery of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight, Interpol says at least two of the passengers had used passports stolen from an Italian and an Austrian to board the plane.  The tickets for those two passengers were later found to be purchased together.  The mystery has fueled theories of terrorist, but officials warn it's too early to draw any conclusions.  The stolen passports may have been used for illegal immigration.

As relatives of the missing wait with no word on what happened, the family of Phillip Wood hope for a miracle.


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