Florida Mom Facing Neglect Charges After Refusing to Take Dehydrated Baby to Hospital


by Kala Rama

CASSELBERRY, FL -  The newborn baby of  Florida mom Sarah Markham is now in state custody after police say she refused to take the dehydrated baby to the hospital.

Instead of following the doctor's orders, the mom purchased a soy based formula for the baby saying that she did not want her child ingesting any animal by products.  A doctor told Markham to take the baby to the hospital within the hour because it was dehydrated and losing weight. 

Markham never showed at the hospital so officers and child protective services were sent to try to get her to bring the child in to the hospital.  Police said she was uncooperative and not concerned with the newborn's well being. 

Police used a locksmith to get into the apartment and talk with Markham.  She was arrested after continuing to refuse to take the child to the hospital.  The baby is in state custody and receiving treatment.  Markham is free on bond.

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