Growing Sinkhole Could Cost Family Over $30K


by Audrina Bigos

CHARLOTTE, NC - The excuses for why the city won't take care of a sinkhole in South Charlotte are growing almost as fast as the hole.

Neighbors say it's a safety hazard, but the city isn't budging on a two year wait for repairs - unless the homeowners want to pay up.

"They keep telling us that we're pretty far down the priority list so I guess a tragedy has to happen to get bumped up the priority list, which is ridiculous!" said Mary Saclarides, a South Charlotte resident.

Neighbors are frustrated. They've been complaining about this sinkhole off Rama Road in the Overcast's family's yard for almost a year.

WCCB news has been asking the City of Charlotte for answers for 48 hours and shares the neighbor's frustrations.

After a number of phone calls, we were directed to storm water services. When we asked for the person who handles sinkholes in their office, the receptionist told us they were in a staff meeting.

We did receive an email that says medium priority requests like the Overcast's sink hole are taking approximately 3.5 years to fix after the call comes in, which means the Overcast family is stuck watching the hole grow for at least two more years.

"It's just unacceptable as a grandmother and as a taxpayer," said Overcast.

According to an e-mail to WCCB from the city, the estimated repair cost is $67,000 dollars. Storm Water Services tells us the Overcasts can move up the priority list if they pay half.

The holes has frown to almost 6-feet wide and 6-feet deep.

"It's an issue for the whole neighborhood, not just for whose property it's on," said Saclarides.

The city says it has a back log of more than 500 requests. Falling or collapsed city maintained streets take priority, while the Overcast's front yard hazard has have to wait,

To be considered high priority, the sinkhole would have to be a little closer to the Overcast's home. The cut off is 10 feet – the sinkhole is about 15 feet away from the Overcast's home.


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