Hough High Hoaxes: Note on Bathroom Wall is 4th Incident


by Morgan Fogarty
Bio | Email | Follow: @morganfogarty by Photographer Chris Keimig

CORNELIUS, N.C. - Hough High School was partially locked down Tuesday after a note was discovered on a bathroom wall.  It read, "Today is April 30th. A bomb will go off sometime today. It is in a locker."  It's the fourth bomb scare in the last week.  All have turned out to be hoaxes.  Two teens, plus an unnamed minor, have been charged with felonies.

Parents hope Tuesday's bathroom note is the final incident.  Mary Garst says, "We're just frightened.  We're frightened parents to send our kids to school."  Frightened and frustrated, they tell us.  One parent says, "Surely they (the district) could do something a little different."  Mom Kathleen Hansbrough says, "I don't like the way this is being handled."  She says her daughter called her three times with updates on Monday's incident before the school notified her.  Hansbrough says, "It took another 30 minutes to get an automated phone call."

CMS Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison says, "We are striving to make sure we are communicating as fast as we can, but we have an obligation to make sure that the information that's being put out is factual."

Morrison, who stopped by Hough High School Tuesday to lend his support to staff and students, calls on parents to engage their children.  He says, "Just in the early stages of one of the investigations, we had one of the families say that they didn't know some of the things their student had access to."

Shool board member Rhonda Lennon says the kids behind the Hough High Hoaxes are crying out for help.  The solution, she says, starts at home.  She says, "I hope that maybe some parents will take this opportunity to talk to their kids about what's going on.  Because these kids had parents that did this."

Morrison says tips from students and the community have helped investigators track down the suspects.  He promises the district has "zero tolerance" for these hoaxes.

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