Lake Patrols Increased During Holiday


by WCCB Charlotte

LAKE WYLIE, S.C. -- Officers stayed on Lake Wylie overnight for the Fourth of July holiday.

They were looking for people boating under the influence.

Thousands of people pack the lake each Fourth of July to see the big fireworks.

The Department of Natural Resources says it's the busiest boating night of the year and even skilled boated can cause problems.

Pfc. Jeff Vissage, of the SC Department of Natural Resources says, " "If an area gets congested with boat traffic, don't try to thread the needle, back off on the throttle, take it easy.  Just because you know what you're doing, you know how to operate a boat, not everyone on the water is as skilled as you are so always keep that in the back of your mind."

In South Carolina, everyone on a boat has to wear a life preserver. If not, you could get hit with a $475 fine.

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