San Francisco Giants Pitcher Accused of Groping Woman


by Casie Kolbinsky

LAS VEGAS--The lawyer for a San Francisco Giants pitcher says his client was ill at the time he allegedly touched a woman's breast earlier this year.

Authorities charged Chad Guadin, 30, with open and gross lewdness Wednesday, July 3, after they said he had touched the 23-year-old woman inappropriately at a Las Vegas hospital, according to reports.

Guadin appeared drunk when he told the 23-year-old woman she was beautiful at Desert Springs Hospital. He then touched her face and breast, according to police reports.

A nearby paramedic told Guadin to leave the woman alone. However, Guadin refused, and security had to restrain him until police arrived, sources say.

One of the officers reportedly said Guadin appeared intoxicated and didn't know how he ended up at the hospital.

Guadin's lawyer, Dominic Gentile, said in a statement Guadin denied any wrongdoing and that he was cooperating with authorities. Gentile said Guadin had been in the hospital for the condition rhabdomyolysis, which had symptoms including confusion, dehydration and loss of consciousness. He also said other eyewitnesses had offered different versions of Guadin's behavior in the hospital than what had been written in reports, sources say.

Muscle strain, crush injuries and alcohol or drug use are common causes of rhabdomyolysis, according to sources.

Guadin has pitched for San Francisco, Tampa Bay, Miami, Toronto, Washington, New York, San Diego and Chicago throughout his career.

Sources say Guadin has a wife and one son.


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