Lincoln County Deals With Worst Flooding in 50 Years

Lincoln County hit bad by summer storms


by Christine Noel
by Adam Stevens, Photojournalist

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC- Strong summer storms that ripped through the region Saturday packed a serious punch leaving bridges blocked by huge fallen trees and several roads and sidewalks throughout Lincoln County under water.

For Vale resident Mark Pendleton, the flooding conditions are the worst he's seen in decades. "I've not seen it this bad in probably 50 years," says Pendleton.

In a 24-hour period, Lincoln County received nearly 10 inches of rain forcing the area into a state of emergency.

Emergency officials say the Lincoln County Rescue Team has made several water rescues to help residents that got stranded.

Emergency shelters have also been opened to assist residents whose homes have been damaged by flooding and fallen debri.

As emergency crews continue to clean up, county officials are urging residents to stay away from flooded areas even if the water looks like it's receding. They say all the water can weaken the stability of the roads and bridges which can cause them to collapse.


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