Little Girl Tells Dad About Alleged Sexual Abuse


by Morgan Fogarty
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GASTONIA, N.C. - 51-year-old David Scott of Bessemer City faces more than half a dozen charges for allegedly sexually abusing a nine-year-old girl.  His method of operation, say police, was to bring her to church and then to Bradley Center Park in Gastonia.  The abuse allegedly happened at the park.

The girl's parents say they started letting Scott spend time with their daughter because they trusted him.  But a few days ago, the girl no longer wanted to see him.  The girl's mom says, "She said 'am I gonna get in trouble if I don't go?' And I said no. And then she took her daddy out on the porch and then they (sic) come in and tell me and we told her she'd never have to see him again."

Revolution Church has a child protection policy in place for staff.  But Life Group Coordinator Ben Hibberts says there was no policy or reason to keep Scott from the multiple kids he brought with him.  Hibberts says, "These children, he went to their houses and brought them, it was not a transport ministry through Revolution Church or anything like that, it was simply he knew them from the community at the church he was going to before and when he started attending here, he brought those kids with him, by their parents' consent."

Gastonia Police charged Scott with two counts of 1st degree sex offense and six counts of indecent liberties with a child.  Department spokeswoman Donna Lahser says, "He has been cooperating with the investigation."

The girl's mom, who's identity we're protecting to protect the girl's as well, says she's doing OK.  She says, "From this point on, I want every mother or father that knows their children have been around this man to call somebody.  My daughter is a hero, she done (sic) the hard part, y'all just gotta do it, too."

The incidents with the girl allegedly happened between February 1st and June 20th.  Scott was also a "volunteer" at the church and we're told he passed a background check.  He is in jail under a million dollars bond.

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