Local Doctor Arrested After Undercover Prescription Drug Investigation


by Caryn Little

CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. -- Police in Cleveland County say a doctor and 20 other people were arrested after an undercover investigation into prescription drugs.  

Investigators say Dr. Steven Skorman of Carolina Foot and Ankle was prescribing very strong narcotics in excessive dosages to people with little or no need for the drugs.  

During the investigation, two undercover officers went to Skorman's office as patients and were prescribed large quantities of powerful narcotics without legal reason or need for the medications.  

Police say they still have warrants for eight other people involved in in investigation.

The individuals arrested were targeted for prescription medication crimes, including selling controlled substances, trafficking in medications that contain opium and delivery of controlled substances to inmates.

Click on the photo gallery to see all the people arrested in Cleveland County's undercover investigation. 

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