Local Homeowners Say Their HOA Is Out of Control


by Audrina Bigos

FORT MILL, SC -- Homeowners in the Clairemont neighborhood of Fort Mill say their HOA is out of control.

"They're dysfunctional and they're irresponsible," said Connie Scribner, a Clairemont homeowner.

Some Clairemont homeowners accuse their homeowners association of sending threatening e-mails and refusing requests for neighborhood financial records.

"No one was denied what they were asking. We just weren't able to meet the demand of a two-day turn-around time," said Nick Kerzman, president of the Clairemont HOA.

Kerzman says they hired a new management company last summer to improve how the neighborhood is run and to be more accountable.

"It's just like a police state sometimes here and you feel like you can't move, like you can't breathe," said Scribner.

Some neighbors have put their homes up for sale to get out of the neighborhood and away from the HOA.

"They make people's lives really miserable," said Andreas Brockmann, a Clairemont homeowner.
But Kerzman says the board is just trying to keep home values up and keep the neighborhood looking good.

"Requests to mow their lawns, pressure wash the mold off the side of the house, remove their trash cans out of view, paint their shutters. All things I think are very reasonable requests," said Kerzman.

Homeowner Joe Velten says board members think they are above the law. He called police in May after seeing them on his neighbor's property.

"The person was looking in through the front windows of the house. Another one was walking towards the back fence," said Velten.

Kerzman says that was an isolated incident and it's been resolved.

Neighbors also say their HOA is sending letters, telling them to move their satellite dishes, even though the FCC says placement is out of the board's hands.

Kerzman says that was a misunderstanding.

"We could not request per-authorization so we've removed that from the architectural guidelines," said Kerzman.

As for allegations of harassment and unfair practices, he says the concerns represent a small minority of the community.

Homeowners say they just want to live in peace.

Clairemont homeowners hope legislation to limit HOA power is introduced in South Carolina.

Under a new proposed North Carolina bill, an HOA would not be able to foreclose on a home if the resident does not pay their HOA fees.

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