Major Grocery Chain merges with Harris Teeter

Kroger has agreed to buy Harris Teeter Supermarkets


by Christine Noel
by Billy Carrier, Photojournalist

CHARLOTTE, NC- A major chain is coming to Matthews-based Harris Teeter. Kroger is buying the supermarket chain for nearly 2.5 billion dollars in cash.

It's the latest in grocery store consolidations. Harris Teeter has 212 Supermarkets. Kroger currently operates over 2,400 across the country, though with little footing in the Southeast.

For loyal Harris Teeter shoppers like Victor Rodriguez, the idea of change to his favorite store is concerning. "Especially with the produce because I come here a lot to get fruits and vegetables and from what I hear, it's going to have the Kroger name on some of the labels" says Rodriguez.

Economist Dr. Carol Swartz predicts that shoppers won't see much of a change once the merger between Harris Teeter and Cincinnati-based Kroger is complete.

"Harris Teeter has found ways to add value and I think that is going to be very useful for Kroger and I think that is going to be something they'll want to protect here in the Harris Teeter stores," says Swartz.

Kroger says Harris Teeter will keep its name, headquarters in Matthews, and management team. The merger is expected to be finalized over the next couple of months.

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