Man Shot Dead After Chasing Down Suspected Robber


by Casie Kolbinsky

WASHINGTON, P.A.--A robber at a Pennsylvania supermarket shot and killed a customer who tried to stop his getaway car Sunday.

Police identified the victim as 46-year-old Vincent Kelly of Washington, Pa., sources say. 

Kelley and his friend Jared Cameron, 21, had been shopping at the Giant Eagle in Strabane Square when a man suddenly robbed an in-store bank at about 2:30 that afternoon, reports say.

Cameron said the robber caught his attention immediately.

"I saw him with his umbrella open, and it looked suspicious," he reportedly said. "It caught my eye. I just kind of ignored it for a minute, and then I heard a scream from the bank."

The robber wore a mask and a large, floppy hat. He leaped over the bank counter and began running away with a duffel bag filled with money. Sources say Kelley then chased after him. 

Cameron said he ran after Kelley.

"The guy pulled a gun on Vinnie right outside the store, and Vinnie didn't stop," he reportedly said. "He just kept going, and I followed right behind him.

Cameron then said Kelley jumped into the moving vehicle and pulled out the knife he kept on his belt. When the robber noticed what Kelley was doing, he pulled out his gun and shot Kelley six times, sources say.

Kelley fell out of the vehicle as it drove away. Police reportedly said the car will be easy to identify because a red dye pack hidden in the bag of cash had exploded.

Police Chief Donald Zofchak said he admired Kelley's efforts but that he was not happy with the outcome.

"I certainly applaud a citizen's efforts to help society, but you see the ramifications," he said. "It cost him his life."

Kelley's 19-year-old daughter, Sierra Kelley, said she'd been looking forward to having dinner with her dad on Father's Day.

"He's a hero for what he did today," she reportedly said Sunday. "I don't know what happened, but this is Father's Day, and he's supposed to be with me. I want whoever did this to know how much it hurts."

Police were unable to identify the robber's face in the store's surveillance video. Sources say officers will search for additional clues and that they might release the video Tuesday, June 18. 

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