Man Wants to Ban Biking on a Busy Charlotte Roadway


by Morgan Fogarty
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CHARLOTTE, N.C.- If you've ever driven Providence Road during rush hour, you may have seen the bicyclist with his white helmet and bright yellow top.  He's hard to miss, so much so that one driver has decided he's had enough of "bicycle boy."  Eric Cable recorded the cyclist with his cell phone and posted the colorfully-narrated video online.  Cable says, "There's people out there who agree with me and there's people out there who disagree with me and that's fine."

Cable has started an online petition ( to ban bikes on Providence during morning and afternoon rush hour.  He says "bicycle boy" is reckless, rude and disobeys traffic rules, like riding right through red lights.  During our interview with Cable, the guy biked past our camera (he didn't want to talk) and did roll through the intersection just before the light turned green.

"I know it sounds like I have a vendetta against him, but he's the only one I see riding a bike during rush hour on this road," says Cable.

The Charlotte Area Bicycle Alliance sent WCCB News a statement that reads in part, "While we understand the doesn't make sense to take away the rights of all cyclists because of one bad apple.  The cyclist in the center of attention is not following the rules. his actions are causing a negative effect on our cycling community."

Bicycling advocate and former County Commissioner Jennifer Roberts says Charlotte is decidedly moving in one direction.  She says, "All of our trends are to make our infrastructure more bicycle friendly."  She says the petition is all about perspective.  Roberts says, "It's an opportunity to have a great meeting."
That meeting may happen sooner rather than later.  The Charlotte biking community is working to identify the guy in the video and invite him to a bicycle skills clinic.  Meanwhile, the petition is up to 70 signatures.

What do you think? Should rush hour biking be banned on busy Charlotte roadways?  Go to and take our web poll.

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