Many Albemarle Residents Still Without Power, Continue Clean Up after Storm

Spirits are high as Albemarle Residents Continue Clean up After Thursday's Storm


by Christine Noel

ALBEMARLE, NC.-- It's been over 48 hours since a summer storm rocked the city of Albemarle, leaving huge fallen oak trees, broken power lines and debris on nearly every city street and side-walk.

Thursday's storm knocked out power for thousands of residents making daily life a little less comfortable. Saturday, hundreds of homes in Albemarle are still without power.

"We're making due," says Albemarle resident Tim Rodgers. "We've been without power since the storm hit and don't know when power is going to come back on,"

The 16 year resident says he and his family have stocked up on flashlights, lanterns and other "camping gear" and making due with what they have. In the meantime til the power kicks back on, Rodgers has hit the streets with his neighbors to help clean up.

"There's just too much for the city workers to handle," says Rodgers.

With all hands on deck, the close-knit community will work together to clear out Mother Nature's mess.


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