Medical Expert: Homeowners Associations Hazardous For Your Health


by Kirk Hawkins
by Terrance Walker

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- Jim Lane is on a mission to change North Carolina law and limit the power of
homeowners associations. "I'm always looking for the solution and there's an old saying if you don't have a solution, you don't have a problem," said Lane, who heads up the National Coalition for Homeowner Association Reform. Lane faced foreclosure after a dispute with his HOA.

"I would say North and South Carolina are at the top of the list," said Gary Solomon, a psychology professor at the College of Southern Nevada. Solomon says he researches more complaints about HOA's in the Carolinas than in any other region. Some of those complaints stem from what he calls HOA Syndrome. Solomon says the psychiatric disorder is similar to post traumatic stress.
But includes sysmptoms of anxiety, paranoia and depression. "It is growing at a rate even more than my capacity to keep up with," said Solomon. Solomon says it's exactly what happened to Anthony Charles Hardy in Harrisburg last Friday when he killed two neighbors who were HOA board members.

The National Coalition for Homeowner Association Reform says there are 15 thousand HOA's in North Carolina underscoring the need for a task force made up of homeowners, property managers and lawmakers. "I'm looking for the solution because I do think we have a problem and I'm looking for the solution because we can't allow this to continue, we simply just can't," said Lane.

Solomon says he hasn't talked to any of the families involved or law enforcement investigating the shooting in Harrisburg.

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