Mooresville Star Playing In Super Bowl


by Audrina Bigos

 MOORESVILLE, NC - A local small-town boy is playing in the big leagues--and now the big game!

"There's going to be 106 players playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday. One of them is from Mooresville High School," said Barclay Marsh, Athletic Director at Mooresville High School.
J.R. Sweezy is a Seattle Seahawk and former star player at Mooresville High School.
Marsh was Sweezy's head football coach. He's pumped for his former player, a 6' 5", 298 pound offensive guard for the Seahawks, who was born and bred  in the town of Mooresville.
"To my knowledge, it's the first player we've ever had to play pro football, and for him to be in his second year of professional football and playing in the Super Bowl, it's a big deal!" said Marsh.
Marsh says Sweezy has always been known for his athletic ability in the small, tight-knit community.
He was a state-champion wrestler and helped lead the football team to the playoffs his senior year.
"We used to come to the games with my whole family just to watch Sweezy, just because he's an amazing player, and all these stands were filled to the max," said Xavier Hall, a junior athlete at Mooresville High.
In Sunday's big game, Sweezy will play on offense. His coaches say that's one of the most interesting parts of his story, because he played defense at Mooresville High and NC State.
"For him to be able to make that transition so late in his career, I think is a phenomenal feat," said Marsh.
"He's definitely in this game, going to document Mooresville history going to a Super Bowl and hopefully winning a ring. That would be sweet!" said Madison Wever, a senior athlete at Mooresville High School.
Both Hall and Wever say "It ain't easy being Sweezy!"
Sweezy was drafted in the 7th round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Since then, coaches say he comes back home in the off-season to talk to students and players.
Sweezy's family has already left town for the game.
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