Mother Runs Over Attacker Who Tried to Harm Her and Her Kids


by Casie Kolbinsky

BAYTOWN,T.X.-- A Texas mother ran over a man after he tried attacking her and her children.

The mother's two kids had been waiting in the family's van while their mom ran into the Baytown CVS. As she was returning to the vehicle, she saw a man, later identified as Ismael Martinez, pop up with a knife in the back of the van. Charles Flugence, the woman's husband, later said his wife struggled with the attacker and then honked the horn. Afterward, she called 911 while managing to grab the knife.

Police said the mother attempted to disorient the attacker by intentionally running her van off the road. She then punched Martinez in the face. When she stopped the vehicle, police said Martinez fled from the van. The mother then ran over him.

Medical personnel airlifted Martinez to the hospital. He is currenly suffering from severe back injuries.

Although Martinez cut the mother with a knife across her chest, he did not injure the children. Officials expect the mother to be all right.
















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