Mother Says CMS Ignored Her School Bus Concerns


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--Sandye Hope says she was so outraged by overcrowded CMS buses packed with unruly passengers she pulled her kids and found another way for them to get to school.
"I really hope with this coming out and being on the news.  I really hope that something is done about...because it is dangerous," said Hope.

Over the last three years, Hope and two veteran bus drivers say they've reported the bus conditions to CMS transportation officials who refused to make changes. "We need to feel like we have support from our supervisors and administrators. We need to feel like we are appreciated," said one of the drivers who is worried she could lose her job.

"It is difficult to follow up when we don’t have access to the employees names.  We would like to help solve the issues, but it seems like a “gotcha” situation because we only have limited information.
It is always our goal to provide a safe environment for students and staff," said Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Director of Media Relations Tahira Stalberte.

C.M.S. says only 21 percent of their buses have cameras. Bus monitors are limited to pre-kindergarten and what they call "exceptional" students. Hope wants CMS to expand the use of both types of monitors. "Something or someone needs to be on that bus to assist the driver,"
she said.

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