NC Lawmakers Approve Changes to Gun Laws

State Lawmakers have approved a bill that will expand where concealed guns can be legally carried


by Christine Noel
by Tim Mullican, Photojournalist

CHARLOTTE, NC- On Wednesday, North Carolina lawmakers approved a bill expanding where concealed firearms can legally be carried.

The measures allow concealed carry permit holders to have firearms in restaurants, bars, parades, funerals and public parks.

It also allows them to store firearms in locked cars on school campuses and in government-owned parking lots.

It's a measure that has both sides speaking out.

"Oil and water don't mix. Neither do guns and bars, "says Judy Williams, Co-founder of Mothers Of Murdered Offspring. She adds "... If you're going to pick up a child from school, why would you have a gun? Why would you need a gun?"

Williams says allowing gun in more places is a recipe for disaster and will likely lead to higher murder rates in and around the Queen City.

DeWayne Saunders, Chief Instructor with DES Training, disagrees. He says the new measures will allow responsible permit holders to protect themselves in more areas, not cause more trouble.

"I'd like to go to Outback Steakhouse as a normal citizen.. have a nice supper but not drink," says Saunders, "... I'm not going to drive and I'm not going to drink while I'm carrying."

South Carolina already has a provision that allows concealed carry permit holders to have guns in cars on campuses. He says, they've never had any problems and he doesn't anticipate North Carolina will have any problems either.

"We don't violate the law willingly because no concealed carry holder wants to lose their permit," says Saunders.

The measure will now head to Governor McCrory's office.

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