Naked Virginia Man Breaks Into Home And Then Turns Himself In


by Casie Kolbinsky

CHESAPEAKE, V.A.--Police arrested a Virginia man Wednesday after he broke into a home while in the nude and then called 9-1-1 to turn himself in.

Mark Fulk, 21, had been wearing only a towel when he broke into the home of Jim and Helen Hardee Wednesday morning in Chesapeake, according to reports.

Helen Hardee reportedly said she did not feel threatened at first because Fulk had told the couple that he was in trouble and needed help.

Fulk then requested to use the Hardees' telephone. Sources say he called 9-1-1 but then threw the phone after he seemingly became frustrated with operators.

Police reportedly say Fuller then dropped the towel, picked up a knife and threatened to kill the couple.

However, after police arrived at the home, Fulk walked away from the couple as if nothing was wrong, according to sources.

Fulk faces charges for several counts, including indecent exposure and breaking and entering. He is currently in a Chesapeake jail, according to reports.

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