Neighborhood Racks Up More Than 1,000 Code Violations


by Audrina Bigos

CHARLOTTE, NC - In the Madison Park neighborhood, the complaints keep on coming.

"Trash here, cans are here, yard waste, my neighbors grass isn't cut," said Marty Doss, Madison Park Homeowner's Association President.

Neighbors have called in 1,043 complaints to code enforcement this year.  Doss says most of the culprits are repeat offenders.

"You got 125 people that are just doing whatever they want to and they don't care about the rest of the neighborhood and they can trash it up," said Doss.

The HOA is not able to enforce  penalties against neighbors who break the rules so they report the violations to the city.

After inspectors from code enforcement went out to investigate the complaints in the neighborhood, 537 complaints were considered unjustified - deemed no violation at all.

Doss says the city's not doing enough to crack down.

Code enforcement manager Ben Krise says 19 homeowners have been cited and fined between $25 -100 dollars.They've already done four door-to-door neighborhood sweeps.

"We explain to them that a violation exists and if we have to come back for a subsequent violation, the penalties escalate," said Krise.

Meredith Cassell has lived in the neighborhood for decades. She and other longtime residents say the HOA needs to ease up a little.

"When someone is working in their yard trying to make it beautiful and they get a ticket for putting the tree limbs out a little too early on the weekend, that's a bit obsessive," said Cassell.

Residents can report complaints like parked cars, tall grass and yard waste in your neighborhood by calling 311.

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