New App To Show Locations Of Every Surveillance Camera

Surv, crowdsourced surveillance mapping


by Richard Groves

NEW YORK - Security cameras are watching you, now there's an app to watch the cameras and tell you where they are. 

Surv will show you a map of all the surveillance cameras around you, within 100 meters of your smart phone. Users of the app will be able to report a location and type of surveillance camera to the app, increasing Surv's database and the data is then available for other Surv users to see.

The app is yet to be made publicly available and is currently in closed beta in New York City. The makers of Surv have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and help development of an app that will be open to the public, with the intention to map the locations of outdoor surveillance cameras in any city around the world.

The app developers say people have a right to know where these cameras are, and privacy advocates should welcome it. On the other hand, could the app aid criminals and hide them from the law? Is public safety an issue with this app?

What do you think about about Surv? Should such information be easily available in the palm of your hand? Let us know in the comments.


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