Ohio Woman Lies About Having Cancer, Collects Thousands of Dollars in Donation


by Casie Kolbinsky

NORTH BALTIMORE, O.H.--A court sentenced an Ohio woman to nine months in jail Friday after she faked having cancer and then collected thousands of dollars to pay for medical bills.

Kimberlie Gustwiller pleaded guilty in May to lying about having cancer and taking about $9,000 in donation to help cover her medical expenses, according to reports.

The single mother said on her "Support Kimmie" drive that doctors had diagnosed her with Stage IV non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The drive also contained pictures of Gustwiller with her hair dyed pink and shaved into a Mohawk, sources say.

Gustwiller still had this hair style when police arrested her in September, 2012 for allegedly stealing from an elderly person or disabled adult. A grand jury reportedly indicted Gustwiller that November.

North Baltimore residents expressed outrage after learning about Gustwiller's charges, according to sources.

"This whole community was pretty much hoodwinked," North Baltimore Police Chief Allan Baer reportedly said.

Gustwiller told judge Alan Mayberry she had been battling addiction when her lie about the cancer diagnosis swung out of control. Mayberry reportedly replied by saying her lie was an insult to all those who had battled cancer and that he wished she would have received a longer jail sentence.

Authorities also demanded that Gustwiller return more than $4,600 of the donations she had received, sources say.


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