Police Investigating Alleged Attempted Kidnapping at SW Charlotte School


by Kathryn Searles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Kennedy Middle School sixth grader was allegedly approached when he was waiting to get picked up after school.

The incident happened around 4:15 Tuesday. A police report states that a man drove up to a student and asked them to come in their car to "cool off on a hot day."

CMS tells us the boy alerted two teachers after this happened. The School Resource Officer, Alex Brown, reported the incident to CMPD.

WCCB is told this happened around dismissal time, when many parents are picking up students.

CMPD did not have a description of the suspect or the car they were in. Security on the school grounds has been added. Principal Sudimack sent out a message to parents alerting them of the incident and asking them to "take a few minutes tonight to discuss stranger safety precautions and appropriate actions with [their] child."

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