Gruesome Details Of Toddler's Death, Sister's Burns


by Audrina Bigos

LONG VIEW, NC- The family of an 18-month-old Caldwell County boy is grieving after he was found dead - and his three year-old sister found burned and bruised Friday.

A picture of 18-month-old Jaden hangs above his grandparents front door and flowers sit on the doorstep at the Long View house where he was found dead Friday afternoon.

According to police, Jaden and his three year-old sister Kylie were being watched by their mother's boyfriend, 25 year-old William Lail.

"He was yelling outside going crazy because I guess it had already happened. So, he was like help, help, please help!" said Melissa Aguilar, a Long View resident.

A warrant on the front door says police responded to the home Friday afternoon after a call came in about an unconscious child. The warrant describes Lail's unsuccessful CPR attempt on the boy and the bruising on the child's forehead. Jaden's sister Kylie was found with burns on her back.

"It looked just horrible. I can't imagine how that kid got burned that bad. Couldn't even imagine anything like that happening to my little boy," said Kyle Sigmon, a Long View resident.

Police arrested Lail and charged him with murder, but have not released information on how Kylie was burned and what led to Jaden's death.

"That baby couldn't defend himself and we were all here but we didn't know what was going on and we probably could have saved his life," said Aguilar.

Multiple neighbors say they rarely saw the kids playing outside and often heard loud screaming, cursing and crying coming from the home at night.

"If we would have known, we could have helped them. It's so sad," said Destiny Whisnant.
The children's grandmother, Maggie Ervin, posted a "Stop Child Abuse" picture on her Facebook page Friday night.

Ervin says she wants justice. With Lail behind bars, she says the family is one step closer.
Lail is scheduled to be in court Monday to face murder and child abuse charges.

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