Rainy Days Worry Families Dealing With Sinkholes


by WCCB Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC- The pouring rain means possible danger for some Charlotte families. They worry sinkholes that are low on the city's priority list will get even larger.

The Sunday soaker caused an impromptu waterfall behind Andres Leyvas' apartment. It's not too far from a nearly six-foot wide sinkhole lining his back porch.

"My home is supposed to be safe for me to stay here  but with the weather and this disaster right here... I'm not feeling safe anymore," said Leyvas.

On Friday, the owner of the Arcadian Village Apartments told WCCB it could be years before  Storm Water Services addresses the sinkhole, erosion and flooding at the complex.

"Now they're telling us it could be another three to five years of planning so it just seems like the planning is going on and on and on with no resolution coming," said Mark Lerner, owner of Lerner & Company Real Estate.

The Overcast family in South Charlotte shares his frustrations as the storm soaks a sinkhole in their front yard.

"Sometimes after a few days, it does get a little larger... So you don't know what to expect with rain," said David Overcast.

In a recent e-mail to WCCB, a city drainage specialist said medium priority requests like the Overcasts take  approximately 3.5 years to fix. The family has already waited a year, but they've been told they can move up the priority list if they pay half of the repair costs.

"$67,000 dollars to fix a hole? What does that entail? We haven't gotten a detailed estimate. Does it mean we're going to go from the street to the back of the property. We just don't know," said Overcast.

"Get it fixed so I have a safe environment to come home to. I don't want to come home one day and half of my house has fallen down," said Leyvas.

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