Report: Charlotte Bobcats Could Soon Change Name Back To Hornets


by Kirk Hawkins

CHARLOTTE, NC--Forget sugar plum fairies. Hornets were dancing in the heads of Scotty and Evan Kent last night. And today felt like Christmas for the two brothers after they read an article
on "It was insane. It was an unreal experience. It's something we're definitely
not going to forget," said Scotty Kent.

Two years after they started their grass roots campaign to bring back the buzz, CBS Sports says it's about to become a reality as the Charlotte Bobcats are beginning the process of changing their name back to the Hornets. "It really does have a history. I think we need to embrace it as a city,"
said Kent.

While the future looks bright for the Hornets in Charlotte, basketball fans like Reggie Smith say it has a bit of a sting. "New ownership. New season. New era. Why not stick with the new instead of bringing back the old," said the Cotswold resident.

But, the buzz is already building. says the domain name "" was
created last Wednesday. "The wheels are in motion we're seeing that and it's a matter of when not if at this point," said Ballantyne Resident John Morgan.

Last month, the NBA said any change would take at least 18 months. Morgan and twenty thousand fans on his two year old Facebook page are willing to wait. "We're at the end of the road. Now it's just about kicking the door in and taking back our teal and purple," said Morgan.

The Charlotte Bobcats have not yet returned our requests for comment.

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