Snoop Lion and T-I Take a Stand Against Violence


by Casie Kolbinsky


LOS ANGELES--Snoop Dogg and T-I led an anti-violence discussion the weekend of June 28 in Los Angeles.

Now known as "Snoop Lion," the hip-hop legend teamed up the League of Young Voters Education Fund and fellow rapper T-I to hold the panel discussion.

Snoop said he felt fed up by gun violence and that he'd never done anything about it until now.

He also talked about the way in which numerous school shootings had affected him.

"This is not just a 'hood' situation," he said during the discussion. "This is an everyday situation, and we need to address it."

Snoop also takes a stand against violence in his song "No Guns Allowed."

T-I talked about his own personal history with violence during the discussion, as well. The rapper brought up his time in prison after facing federal weapons charges in 2009. He also shared his experience of holding a friend in his arms while he died.






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