Spanish Man Dies After Becoming Beer-Drinking Champion


by Casie Kolbinsky

MURCIA, SPAIN--A Spanish man died Wednesday after winning a beer-drinking contest in Murcia.

During the contest, Joaquin Alcaraz Gracia, 45, consumed six liters of beer in 20 minutes, reports say.

Gracia held his prize trophy high in the air after his victory but then began to throw up. Sources say bystanders became especially concerned when he didn't stop vomiting.

Witnesses then contacted emergency personnel after they suspected the champ had been suffering from alcohol poisoning. They reportedly said Gracia appeared to nod off while waiting for help.

Gracia had gone into cardiac arrest by the time a medical team arrived. He died shortly after the team drove him to a local hospital, according to reports.

Officials have not yet released Gracia's cause of death, though they did say they believed his high alcohol level was a contributor, according to sources.

The beer-drinking contest is part of the region's annual festival and requires participants to drink as many liters of beer as possible within a 20-minute period. Officials have reportedly suspended future activities for the 15-year-old festival.

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