Students Go to Hospital After Eating Strange Concoction at a San Diego Elementary School


by Casie Kolbinsky

SAN DIEGO--Several students at a San Diego elementary school went to the hospital after consuming a strange concoction during lunch Thursday.

Some of the students reportedly told Audubon Elementary School officials they had upset stomachs after they had dared one another to eat a mixture of hot sauce, carrots, salt and milk.

However, some of the officials said they had thought the students were faking their symptoms. After teachers checked to see whether the students were really sick or not, San Diego Schools Spokesman Jack Brandais reportedly said they had found some students who might not have had any problems at all.

Of the 22 students, 18 received care in a hospital. Medical personnel has since released the kids, according to sources.

Reports say school officials sanitized Audubon Elementary's cafeteria, kitchen and outdoor lunch areas as a precaution.

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