Suspect Dead in Concord Shooting


by WCCB Charlotte

CONCORD, N.C. -- Police have released the names of those involved in a deadly shooting Tuesday afternoon.

The two people dead at the scene are 55 year old Sharon Crumitie of 482 Gibson Drive, and James Luther Blanks, 49.

Sharon Crumitie's husband, Timothy Crumitie, 47, received treatment for his injuries and was released from the hospital.

Investigators says the shooting happened at the home of the Crimities when they were in the garage. The initial report said an unknown assailant shot them.

Mr. Crumities says he became involved in a struggle with the assailant after he was shot. He was able to overcome the assailant and take control of the gun. He shot the assailant, later identified as James Blanks, and called 911.

Police are trying to determine if there is a connection between Blanks and the Crumities that existed before the Tuesday shooting.

Neighbors say it is unusual for something like this to happen there.

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