Tega Cay Waste Transported to Lake Wylie Sewage System is a 'Temporary Fix'

Frustrated residents say they need a permanent solution.


by WCCB Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC-- A new plan to stop repeated raw sewage spills into a local lake has some residents frustrated. WCCB has been covering complaints from residents about the sewage troubles for four years.

Tega Cay resident Jolene Church wants a permanent fix to Tega Cay's sewage issues. She says she's beyond frustrated with the latest maneuver by Utilities Inc. On Wednesday, Church and other residents learned that waste from Tega Cay is being transported to a sewer system in Lake Wylie to prevent yet another spill.

According to Utilities Inc., the "pump and haul" operation is necessary to prevent more sewage from seeping into Lake Wylie and is simply a means to an end.  Utilities Inc. company spokesperson Tom Oakley says "The River Hill system has the capacity to manage the additional volume and DHEC is fully aware of this operation."

Tega Cay resident Linda Stevenson says she's tired of dealing with the sewage spills in her backyard. She says there's no point in delaying a permanent solution. Nearby Lake Wylie residents Jay and Ashley Sloyer agree. "It's got to end somewhere," says Sloyer. "Someone's got to fix it. You can't just move it over to make it someone else's problem." He and his wife say this temporary fix is not just a transfer of waste, it's a spill-over of problems they worry will cost them in the end.

The EPA and the state of South Carolina ordered Utilities Inc. to start fixing the system this month or face fines. The Tega Cay city leaders have been negotiating with the company to buy the troubled system.

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