Piper Glen Ballroom To Host The Great Gatsby Speakeasy Party This Saturday


by Larry Cornwell

Charlotte will host a 1920’s era speakeasy party on Saturday May 4 at the Piper Glen Ballroom in celebration of the release of the Great Gatsby. First Francis Ford Coppola and Robert Redford brought F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great American novel to life in 1974. Once again the legend of Gatsby has been transformed into a theatrical masterpiece, but this time presented high definition, 3D, celluloid brilliance.

The roaring twenties provide the perfect canvas upon which the narrative of this drama is painted. Following World War I, the country experienced unprecedented economic prosperity and the emergence of bold criminal activity in the face of the prohibition. The popularity of Jazz made it the perfect soundtrack to which tale is told.

The Great Gatsby speakeasy party will bring the roaring twenties to life with 1920’s music, dancing and the carefree fashions of that time. And what prohibition era, speakeasy party would be complete without moonshine? In this case, Troy and Sons moonshine.

Warner Bros is providing passes to their private screening of the Great Gatsby on Monday May 6th for 80 people that attend this event. I don’t know about you, but my first stop is going to be the Magic Maze to find a 1920’s outfit for the party. Tickets for the Great Gatsby Speakeasy party can be purchased via www.nemoproductions.com or at the door.

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