WCCB Follow-Up: No Arrests in Malaya Heun Murder


by Morgan Fogarty
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KANNAPOLIS, N.C. - Malaya Heun was 15 months old when she died January 22.  Her injuries-- previously not disclosed--are now public record.  Search warrants reveal she had seven broken ribs.  Bruising on her head and body.  A broken clavicle. Torn intestines.

The warrant also indicates the toddler had a small amount of alcohol in her system.  The Kannapolis Police Chief calls it one of the most brutal cases of child abuse he's ever seen.  And still, no arrests. 
"We just wanna give the District Attorney everything we can to put in his back pocket to make a very good and informed decision," says Kannapolis Police Leuitenant Terry Spry.  He says his team works on Malaya's case every day.  They're talking to medical experts, and waiting on autopsy reports and more lab results.  Spry knows the community wants closure.  A Facebook page dedicated to Malaya's memory continues to grow. 
Spry says, "We feel confident we've done enough to identify individuals who should be held accountable in regards to what happened to this baby." 
WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty asked Spry about the credibility of Malaya's mother, Christy Heun.  He said there's no indication she's lied about anything.  Then Fogarty asked him about the people watching Malaya the day she was severely beaten.  Fogarty asked, "How credible are Christy's sister and her fiance?"  Spry replied, "I'm not gonna go into specifics other than to say there's some inconsistencies in their stories." 
"If they were there, somehow or another, they're involved.  If they were the ones there, then somebody knows something," says Malaya's great aunt Lori Hall.  Hall says prosecutors should seek the death penalty against whoever is charged with the toddler's murder.  She says, "Jail time is too good for people like that." 
There have been reports that Malaya was also sexually abused.  Spry says that has not been confirmed.  Another note: Spry says autopsy reports take three to six months to come back.  He is confident an arrest will be made before then.
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