WCCB Goes Out Of This World!

WCCB Goes to Mars!


by WCCB Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. | MARS, THE SOLAR SYSTEM -- We can exclusively reveal that members of the WCCB, Charlotte's CW, news team have been selected to represent local affiliate news on the Red Planet!

The Mars One project, which aims to create a human colony on Mars, have narrowed down the initial 200,000+ applicants down to a pool of just over 1000 and 2 of us made the cut! 

While the names can not be revealed at this time, we can say their roles require them to produce and broadcast a daily news program for the Mars colony, bringing them a round-up of the latest headlines from Earth as well as any local Mars news, including a Mars weather forecast, adding traffic reports and school announcements in the mornings as the population increases. "We want to keep all the members of the Mars colony connected and give them a sense of a community, as if they were to turn on their TV at 10pm - or 7am, back home in Charlotte - or any other US city" said a producer familiar with WCCB's involvement with the project.

Training for the Mars One project will last 7 years with the first manned mission starting in 2025. Unmanned demonstration and satellite missions will begin in 2018.

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